Membership – Individual/Corporate Affiliate

All women who work in the Fire and Rescue Service can
become Individual Members.

Any person who is supportive of the aims of the network can become an Affiliate Member.

Fire and Rescue Services and other supportive
organisations can become Corporate Affiliate

The benefits of membership

Individual Members  receive regular e- newsletters, invitations to attend training and development weekends, development days, conferences, bespoke courses, access to a network of coaches and role models, regional social events, seminars and networking opportunities; along with camaraderie, moral support, constant challenges and a chance to exchange ideas and have an influence on national policy.

Individual Full/Affiliate Members: £10 per annum

Individual Membership Form

Corporate Affiliate Membership of WFS gives a clear indication to your employees that you value the women within your FRS and that you have made a commitment to support them.

WFS provides good value for money training opportunities for your employees.

Membership entitles you to discounts on various delegate fees.

In supporting WFS, your FRS is contributing to women achieving their full potential.

WFS can assist in providing role models and practical support in recruitment initiatives.

Retention and progression of women can be a challenge.  WFS’S one to one support mechanisms, the wealth of experience with our team and the presence of successful role models, provide both motivation and inspiration for your team.

WFS can only provide these benefits through ongoing Corporate Affiliate Membership.

Corporate Affiliate Members: £250 – £1000 pa according to size

Corporate Affiliate Membership Form