We are Women in the Fire Service UK

Women in the Fire Service UK (WFS) was set up in 1993 as a self-help group. Our members of all genders, come from all roles across the Fire and Rescue Service – from firefighters and control staff, administrative and support staff and senior officers, to members of airport, defence and works fire services.

Since its formation, the membership have sought to influence the equality agenda, taking active roles in research, for example into women’s fit fire kit, supporting positive action initiatives, working with the government in nationwide campaigns for recruitment and playing a part in national groups with other stakeholders. We are recognised nationally, currently holding a seat on the Fire Sector Federation, amongst other inputs to the local and national agenda.

Our purpose statement

“Enabling and inspiring confident and successful women to build a more progressive Fire and Rescue Service.”

Our values

Working together • Future focused • Sharing strengths

Our aims

  • To enable women to reach their full potential
  • To be a recognised resource in every UK Fire and Rescue Service
  • To support gender equality in the UK and overseas
  • To nurture and encourage role models – ‘if she can see it, she can be it’
  • To improve recruitment, retention and progression of women in the fire service


We are Women in the Fire Service

We’ve come a long way over three decades of campaigning for a more equal and progressive fire service. But there is still more to be done. 

Without the support of our members we wouldn’t be able to continue to do as much as we do—helping women progress in their careers, addressing the gender imbalance in the sector, and nurturing inspirational role models for future generations.

Join us

Support us with membership and be an equality champion for all women considering a career, or already working in the fire and rescue service.

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Women in the Fire Service UK Awards 2020

The annual Women in the Fire Service Awards were back in a new format for 2020.

This year we honoured individuals and organisations who made outstanding contributions to our organisation and the fire and rescue sector.

Thank you to all those who took the time and care to nominate!

Awards announcement

Read about our winners and runners-up in our news story here.


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Award categories

Young Person Role Model Award*

To recognise a young person in the Fire and Rescue Service who demonstrates being an excellent role model. Who has engaged in, and inspired conversations, actions and outcomes around equality and diversity issues and actively embodies the motto “if you can see it, you can be it”. Aged 11-24 years.

Woman Firefighter Rising Star Award

To recognise a woman firefighter who has demonstrated a determination to succeed in their role and/or been an advocate and ambassador on gender equality and empowerment issues. No age restrictions.

Men as Allies Award

To recognise someone who has gone the extra mile to promote gender equality in their organisation or made a tangible contribution in supporting women colleagues to be the best they can be. No age restrictions.

Corporate Star Supporter Award**

To recognise a Corporate Member who has improved recruitment, retention or progression of women or enabled women to develop through access to opportunities and resources. No age restrictions.

Dany Cotton Inspiring Leader Award*

To recognise an outstanding leader who champions equality and diversity, who delivers real change, inspires the fire service community and by doing so brings out the best in the people they work with. No age restrictions.

Dany Cotton is our patron and was London Fire Brigade’s first female Commissioner and the first woman to be awarded the Queen’s Fire Service medal.

Bright Light Award*

To recognise an individual who has made a notable contribution in supporting our aims and/or led the way in their role in the fire service, acting as a shining example to others. No age restrictions.

Event Champion Award*

To recognise individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to help WFS achieve any event goals, who demonstrates our values and works with others to nurture our event community. No age restrictions.

*Open to any gender in any role in the fire and rescue service.
**Open to all Corporate Members.

Important dates

Nominations opened on 3rd February 2020 and closed on 16th March 2020.