Karen Smith
Administration Manager

Karen began her journey with WFS back in 2003 after 14 years in the agriculture sector.

She manages day-to-day operations, customer service and the logistics and planning of our sell-out national training and development events. Karen is also responsible for managing and facilitating all our committee members, keeping the group on track.

Despite never having worked in the service herself, Karen has built up strong relationships with Fire and Rescue Service staff across the UK. She lives in Norfolk and loves spending time with her two daughters, dog-walking, cats and trips to the theatre.

Nathalie Holden
Marketing and Communications Officer

Nathalie joined WFS in April 2019, bringing 10 years’ experience working in the third sector.

Originally hailing from Birmingham, she settled in Nottingham. Nathalie recalls sending off for a firefighter application pack back in the mid-noughties but never took it further!

She has been a feminist since she can remember, and was a childhood fan of the cartoonist Jackie Fleming. Nathalie is super concerned about the planet and the climate crisis, and spends free time enjoying nature, swimming, bass guitar and music.