Future Firefighter Podcast

Women in the Fire Service Podcast

Welcome to the Future Firefighter Podcast Series. Our first-ever podcast series for those who champion equality and diversity in fire.

Starting October 2021, we bring you one episode a month of our Future Firefighter Podcast Series. Six podcast episodes providing tips and advice for those who dream of being a firefighter. Topics include the role of the firefighter, what the Fire and Rescue Service does, application and interview techniques, different careers/roles, fitness and strength, and HR (maternity, work life balance, inclusion policies).

The Future Firefighter Podcast Series is introduced by WFS Committee Member, Sara Hall. Each episode is hosted by a selection of guest volunteers—firefighters and other fire professionals. We share their stories and what inspires them to do what they do.

Be Inspired! Be a Future Firefighter.

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This podcast was born from our programme of online Future Firefighter events, realised by Alex Johnson, WFS Director, and Chief Fire Officer at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue.

The first Future Firefighter event programme ran between 15 June-20 July 2021. A programme aimed at people from underrepresented groups aspiring to be future firefighters: women, people from ethnic minority groups, LGBTQI+ people, neurodiverse people and persons with disabilities.

Government statistics on workforce diversity at that time revealed only 7.0 per cent of all firefighters in England were women, 4.4 per cent were from an ethnic minority and 3.3 per cent identified as lesbian, gay or bi-sexual.

We hope you enjoy our podcast!

With special thanks to: Alex Johnson, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue; Amy Beams, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service; Amy Croxton-Evans, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service; Angie Thorp, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue; Bex Sims, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service; Caz Whiteman, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue; Emily May Williams, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service; Hannah Goodchild, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service; Helen Chadwick, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service; Helena Rooke, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue; Janette Morris, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service; Lauren Jones, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service; Liana Selecka-Jones, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service; Nicola Bottomly, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service; Sara Hall, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service; Tor Strowger, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service.