Area Manager Opportunities

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Area Manager Opportunities

Annual Salary: Area Manager B. The starting salary (inclusive of operational supplement) will be £71,399.40 per annum which is Area Manager (development) rate of pay, unless the appointed employee is already deemed to be a competent Area Manager, in which case the starting salary will be £78,317.09 per annum.

Base Location: North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters

Duty System: 
Flexible Duty System

Development opportunity: For individuals who are successfully appointed to the roles, there will be a development opportunity to participate on the Continuous Gold duty Rota.  During such time, the operational allowance will be increased to reflect the change of duty system and overall annual salary package will be as follows:

Area Manager (development) £76,588 (pro-rata)

Area Manager B (competent) £83,124.40 (pro-rata)

Closing date: 27th September 2021 9am

We have two exciting opportunities for ambitious, innovative and experienced individuals to take up the role of Area Manager for North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service on an secondment/temporary basis. We are looking for exceptional individuals that will join the strategic team to deliver real and sustainable benefits for the public, shaping and securing the future of the Service. This is a time of great change for the Service, with the transfer of governance to the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in November 2018 and the recent introduction of enable North Yorkshire, a formal collaboration arrangement bringing together support staff of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and North Yorkshire Police.

The Area Manager roles will report directly to the CFO and DCFO. You will have extensive exposure to working with the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to deliver the Fire and Rescue Plan priorities, as well as implementing a new Integrated Risk Management Plan, known locally as the Risk and Resource Model. Excellent communication skills, detailed strategic knowledge of fire and rescue operations and proven track record for delivery are all essential criteria for the roles.

Internally, there are excellent relationships with representative bodies including the local FBU and it is key that the new appointees will be able to continue to develop these. Applicants must currently operate at competent Group Manager or Area Manager (temporary or competent) and display strong evidence of operating at a strategic level within a Fire and Rescue Service.

The provision of Incident Command leadership is essential and successful applicants will be developed for the ICS Level 4 qualification. The roles are based in Northallerton but the applicant will be expected to travel across North Yorkshire and the City of York to meet the requirements of the role, and operational commitments.

Ideally the successful candidate will have the support of their current host organisation to commence in role with immediate effect in October 2021 to make an immediate impact upon the outstanding work loads.

The interim role will be offered on a secondment basis for a successful external applicant or on a temporary promotion basis for a successful applicant currently in NYFRS service.

Informal Conversation If you would like an informal conversation about these opportunities with Jon Foster, Chief Fire officer or Jonathan Dyson, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, please email

Application: To apply, candidates should read the full recruitment pack and complete the application form, in which you are required to provide a CV and supporting statement.

Selection Process Assessments: Scheduled to take place in October at Alverton Court, Northallerton. The assessment process will include a presentation and competency-based interview. Details of the presentation topic will be shared with all applicants in advance of the assessment date.

Terms and Conditions:
The terms and conditions of the opportunity are as follows:

The secondment opportunity is open to both internal and external candidates.

a.     For a successful internal candidate, this will be a temporary promotion.

b.     For a successful external candidate, this will be a secondment opportunity, and you will retain your current employment Terms and Conditions with your existing service

Further clarity can be provided within informal discussions.

To apply for this job please visit